July 24, 2021

Gary Hudson – President

Gary presently holds the role of President and has been involved with Sport Oakville since March 2016. He has been involved in sports growing up in Montreal, Quebec and continues to be active during his adult life living in Oakville. His sports involvement included soccer, hockey and football. Along with his playing experience, he became a licensed coach and contributed to the development of soccer skills for the youth community in Oakville.

Paul Maida – Vice President

Paul is currently the Vice President of Sport Oakville and has volunteered his time with the organization since May 2017. Growing up in Oakville Paul participated in many sports including Hockey, Oakville Little League Baseball and has a Black Belt in Karate. He also taught tennis, hockey and karate at various camps and organizations in the Oakville and Peel communities and continues to be active in sport.

Kristen Thompson – Secretary

Kristen has held the role as Secretary on the Sport Oakville Board since the end of 2019. She has been involved in sports in Oakville for the majority of her life. As a child and teenager, Kristen played both rep soccer and rep basketball. As an adult, Kristen has been playing soccer in a co-ed adult league for the past 5 years and has recently laced up her basketball shoes again and joined a women’s basketball league. She has also utilized her previous soccer and basketball experience to coach children in both sports and at summer camps.

Giulia Bridges – Director

Giulia (Julia) has volunteered her time with Sports Oakville since 2019. She has lived in Oakville for 35 years and has volunteered her time with Oakville Minor Baseball  as a Coach, Convener and Board Member for over a decade. Also volunteered time assisting soccer coaches, providing support and first aid to team players.

Zach Rayner – Director

Zach joined Sport Oakville in 2021 and looks forward to working with all of our club members and organizations.  As a passionate athlete, Zach has enjoyed playing basketball, football, rugby, hockey, as well as golf throughout his youth.  Currently, Zach continues to participate in sport as a member of the Oakville Crusaders Rugby Club Sr. Men’s Team, and you can find him tending the net as a goalie at various Oakville arenas throughout the year.